RangeXTD - wifi booster

RangeXTD – A must for every smart home!

Have you ever dreamt of a smart home? Are you living in a smart home? smartphones, smart offices, and smart homes deliver the next level of technological experience at your very own places. A smart home means that it’s equipped with all of the heating, lighting, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely using the internet connectivity.

You do not need to be present in your place to turn your geyser on or to turn off your Air-Conditioner. You can simply do it through your smartphone or other control using the internet.

The common cord between smartphones, smart homes, and smart offices is efficient internet connectivity. Do you know that more than 3/4th of the world’s population is already on the internet? So you do not only need to get the best internet connection but the fastest as well!

So how will you achieve that? One option is that you can go for the costly high-speed internet plans offered by the leading network providers that promise to deliver results without any blackouts. Another option is to go for the least internet consuming devices that are practically not an effective solution to the problem? So are you ready to shed your hard-earned money just to get the best internet connection and that too in the era of net neutrality?

Hold on, we have an effective solution for you! RangeXTD is an electronic device that works as a Wi-Fi extender and Wi-Fi booster at your place. So in case you are suffering from the dead zones in your home or just unable to use the internet at specific cornered places like kitchen, outhouse, garden, etc. you do not need to worry. With the incorporation of RangeXTD as a new member of your smart home family, you will forget about the buffering times and dead zones at your home.

So, how much will you pay for a device that is responsible for the efficient performance of other smart devices at your place? Not thousands, not hundreds but you can own your RangeXTD in just $49.95 only.

RangeXTD is the next must-to-have device at your place as it not only works as a Wi-Fi booster but works as a Wi-Fi range extender as well. So it is an ideal solution in case you are facing the problem of slow internet and weak signals at the same time.

RangeXTD has simple working, is easy to maintain, portable, and does not require any detailed setup. It is made up of the best electronic components available in the market. It is compact and affordable to all. You do not need to spend on hefty charging monthly subscription packs when you can buy RangeXTD for your place.

A smart home is made not only with the best smart devices and appliances but with the judicious use of the technology that serves you in the long run. Grab a RangeXTD for you right now and let its magic take over you and your visitors as well!

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